FAQs & Support

Handset and Transaction Enquiry

1.How does Go Pumpkin pay for used mobile phones?

As the UK representative of a well established international phone recycling and refurbishing company, our expertise in the industry allows us to offer highly competitive prices for your mobile phone.

By essentially eliminating the middle man we can offer you the best possible price. We have streamlined our operation in the UK to be efficient and customer focused aiming to make the whole experience of selling your phone to us as beneficial and as pleasant as possible.

Our core philosophy of green and environmentally conscious values affects every aspect of our business, from energy efficient light bulbs to an office location which lends itself to our staff commuting by foot or bicycle.

 We have three Methods of payment:

1) Bank Transfer

2) Cheque

3) Paypal 

2.How do I classify the condition of my phone(s)?

Please refer to our definitions regarding the condition of your phone with those below;


  •  The phone powers on and off and is fully functional
  • All screens (LCD) work with no bleeding, lines or dead pixels
  • All parts complete including battery and battery cover (please keep memory and sim cards)
  • No major cracks or scratches (superficial ‘wear-and-tear’ markings accepted)
  • No liquid damage. If the liquid marker has changed colour after coming into contact with liquid we will not be able to purchase your handset, regardless of whether it appears to function properly or not.
    • PLEASE NOTE: any crack on the inner or outer screen, LCD, phone body, or missing parts or buttons will result in your phone being re-classifed as 'Non-working' and the price adjusted accordingly. Please check the condition of your phone properly before assigning the description.



  • All parts complete including battery and battery cover (please keep memory and sim cards)
  • We accept phones with faulty speaker/microphone, faulty or cracked screen (LCD), phones which do not power up and or have software faults
  • We do not accept liquid damaged or parts incomplete phones - Liquid damage is classed as Beyond Repair. If the liquid marker has changed colour after coming into contact with liquid we will not be able to purchase your handset, regardless of whether it appears to function properly or not. Please do not send us phones that are incomplete - missing parts or buttons.

Go Pumpkin do not have any further grading system for you phones and do not offer revised pricing based on any condition outside of the definitions given above. We expect that a phone may appear used and this will have no effect on the pricing. Our pricing is based entirely on the definitions given above and you will receive either a 'Working' or 'Non-Working' price only.

3.What is the price difference for working and non-working mobile phones?

  Once you have selected the make and model you wish to sell, a price for a Working and Non-Working condition of the phone will be displayed. You will need to determine the condition of your phone by reading the descriptions and then select the appropriate option. Start by selecting your phone here.

4.How do I identify the make and model of my phone?

Look for a brand name or logo on the out front of the phone above the screen or below the keypad. Failing that, remove the battery and look for the manufacturer name and any accompanying model numbers. 

We've specially sourced accurate pictures for each phone, so use these as a reference. Although the colour of your handset may vary, we're only interested in the make and model. 

5.How many phones can I sell at a time?

We’re rather hoping we can entice you to part with all your unwanted mobile phones. There is no limit as to how many phones we will buy from you. The more phones you choose to sell us, the more money you stand to make in one easy transaction. Simply select all your phones using our simple online forms, and we will send you a large envelope to accommodate them all.

We also welcome return customers and hope that you enjoy the experience enough to come back again and again. There is no limit as to how many trades you can make with us, and we do hope you tell your friends and family about your experience with us.

For businesses and organisations who wish to sell multiple handsets, please select Contact Us for a free collection service and we will assist with the rest.

6.Should I send anything with my phone?

We require the handset and battery only, please do not send any further accessories. These cannot be refunded or returned.

Please remove SIM and Memory cards from the phone and keep them. We are unable to return any that we receive and due to the fact that they contain your personal information we take care to professionally dispose of and destroy any and all SIM and Memory cards that we receive.

7.Can my school or charity use Go Pumpkin?

You bet! If you have some handsets and want to sell them to Go Pumpkin to raise some money simply Contact Us and we’ll arrange for a courier collection and take care of everything for you including valuation and payment.

8.Does the colour of my mobile change the price?

Nope! We’re only interested in the make and model. We love all your phones no matter the colour. If the colour of the phone in the image provided does not match do not worry, just be sure to check that the make and model name/number is the same.

9.Do you accept counterfeit/fake or display only phones?

We are only able to accept authentic branded and genuine phones. Each phone is checked when it arrives for condition, authenticity and status before we confirm any payment to you. Unfortunately, if the phone is counterfeit, fake, or stolen, your order cannot be processed and we cannot return the phone.

10.Can Go Pumpkin buy stolen phones?

Absolutely not! We cannot and do not accept stolen mobile phones. We scan every mobile phone using a national database. Stolen phones have no value and are handed over to the relevant authorities after 28 days and therefore cannot be returned to you. It is against the law for these phones to be returned to you.

During the 28 day period you will have the opportunity to contact the relevant authorities to dispute this status and request that we re-check the status within the 28 day period.

Whether you are aware that your phone is stolen or not, we do not supply any of your details with these phones. Please see our privacy policy for full details.

11.What if my mobile phone is locked to a particular network?

Not a problem at all. We buy mobile phones from any and all networks, whether from the UK or abroad and we promise to pay you the full price shown on the website.

12.I have selected an incorrect model condition or quantity what do I do?

 As part of our processing system If we detect any error in your details while we check and process your mobile phone, we automatically send you an email to notify you of the mistake(s) and revise our offer according to what we actually receive. You may contact us quoting your unique order number as soon as you realise that you have made a mistake with your order.

You will then have 7 days to consider whether to accept the revised offer. If yes, we shall correct the order and pay you accordingly. If not you will be able to arrange for collection of your mobile phone(s) at your own expense.

13.What is an IMEI number and where can i find it?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique number used to identify each and every mobile phone in the world.

There are two ways to find it:

1. Remove the battery and look for a sticker or label indicating the model number and the 15 digit code.

2. By typing *#06# into your phone your phones unique IMEI will be displayed on the screen.

14.What is the best way to get paid?

We recommend that you select BACS as your means of payment as it is the most secure and the fastest way to get paid. However it is entirely up to you and if you wish to be paid by cheque we are very happy to do so!

15. I want to use my own envelope or packaging to send my order to Go Pumpkin

If you would prefer to use your own packaging to send us your handset(s) that's no problem at all, just be sure to include your reference number and your name and address with your order.

Your reference number is included in all email communications from Go Pumpkin and can also be found on with a barcode on your prepaid envelope. If possible, cut out the barcode from your prepaid envelope and include it with the handset(s) that you send to us. 

16.How long is my offer from Go Pumpkin valid?

Once you place your order it is valid for 14 days. We will send you a welcome pack which includes a FREEPOST envelope and we advise you send your phone to us as soon as possible for super fast payment!

17.Do I have to enter my IMEI number at any point?

No. Our system automatically generates a unique barcode identifying you and your order. We only use the IMEI number to check against an international database to find out if it is registered as lost or stolen.

It is advisable however that you make a note of your IMEI number and keep it at least until you get paid. That way you can check the status of your phone yourself, by using the services of if you are in any doubt.

18. What if I cannot find my phone on the Go Pumpkin website?

There are literally tens of thousands of different mobile phone makes and models out there and unfortunately Go Pumpkin cannot buy all of them for now. Some phones might be so new that we have not yet had a chance to list them on our website and some phones might just be so old that they no longer have any value and are unneconomical to purchase from our customers. 

However, if you're as serious about the environment as we are - you could always pop your phones into a protective envelope and send them to our office where we'll make sure they get recycled or find a home in a developing country. Please address the envelope to:

Go Pumpkin Ltd
23 kitchener road
E7 8JN

Don't forget to include your contact details and an email address so we know who to thank, and so that we can notify you when we receive your envelope.

19. Why do some phones have AZERTY next to their name or description?

The AZERTY description would apply only to those phones which have a full keyboard type interface, as opposed to / in addition to a normal numbered phone keypad. The term AZERTY describes the keyboard layout as European. A standard UK keyboard starts on the top left with the sequential letters QWERTY. A standard French keyboard for example starts on the top left with the sequential letters AZERTY. 

This is merely a description and further identification of the phone and does not ussually make reference to the handset being a different model.

20. Removing Your iCloud Account (Activation Lock)

You must remove Activation Lock from your iOS 7 device before you recycle it. If we cannot access your phone to test it, we will not be able to proceed with your order. 

Apple's IOS 7 has a new feature that deters the theft of Apple devices. This feature is called Activation Lock  and will need to be removed before sending in any Apple devices to us as we cannot fully check a device with this feature still enabled.

If your iPhone is running iOS 6 or below, you are not required to remove your device from your iCloud account. To find out which iOS version your device is currently running on go to Settings ► General ► About ► Version.

How to remove your device from your iCloud account.

Option 1 - Using your device

  1. Turn ON your device
  2. Go to the Settings menu
  3. Select iCloud
  4. Scroll to the bottom and press Delete Account
  5. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted
  6. Simply select Turn Off

Option 2 - Using

  1. Make sure the device is powered OFF
  2. On your web browser type in the following address, ‘’
  3. Enter your Apple ID and Password to access your iCloud account.
  4. Select the ‘Find My iPhone’ option
  5. Select the device you are sending in from the device list in the top left hand menu
  6. The device should appear as Offline
  7. Select the ‘Remove from Find My iPhone’ option
  8. Finally select ‘Remove on confirmation message’