About Us


The Go Pumpkin crew have been working in the mobile phone recycling industry for many years. As representatives of one of the biggest international telecommunications companies in the world, we are able to offer our customers highly competitve rates and service that is second to none.


From the outset, our number one priority is to offer the best possible experience for our customers. We aim to offer a streamlined and simple service with minimal effort on our customers behalf. We strive to communicate effectively at every step of the way and will always be looking for ways to improve. Should you have any ideas or suggestions in this regard then please do let us know.


Our foundation as an extremely strong and resourceful buying entity allows us to spend more time focusing on our customers and less time worrying about our competition. We’re here to make selling your old phone so easy that we create a benchmark by which all other companies might be judged. We intend to completely shift the market and restructure the market to make recycling the preferred manner in which to part with your old electronics.


Recycling is a concept which embodies care for the environment. For this reason our outlook and every aspect of our business revolves around care to our environment, our community, and our customers. We work under energy efficient lighting, use energy saving principles and adopt energy saving methods and practices. Even our strategic selection of an office to which our staff can commute to on foot or bicycle was a fundamental decision to make greener choices from the start.


As we further establish ourselves we will be looking to make contributions to various charities and community projects. Please check back for updates here!