FAQs & Support

Handset and Transaction Enquiry

1. How can GoPumpkin pay the highest price for trading used mobile phones?

2. How do I sell my used mobile phone(s) to GoPumpkin?

3. How do I know the condition of my mobile phone?

4. How can I know the price for mobile(s) of different conditions?

5. How many used mobile phone(s) can I sell to GoPumpkin at one time?

6. Can schools, organisations and charities use this service?

7. What else should I send together with the used mobile?

8. Is there any price difference for mobile(s) of different colours?

9. Do you accept counterfeit/fake mobile(s)?

10. Can I sell stolen mobile(s) to you?

11. What if my mobile is Network Locked?

12. What should I do if I have chosen the wrong condition, quantity or model?

13. What is IMEI number? How do I know?

14. Do I have to enter my IMEI number during the selling process?

15. How long is the valid time for my order?